Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jones Cup video update

Here’s a big sorry for fans and readers who’ve been waiting for Jones Cup videos. A reader emailed and told me that has been blocked in Malaysia, which I didn’t know. Also some of the uploads to did not go well. The site did not validate some of the uploaded videos. That’s why they are still “being processed.”

Maybe I should’ve chosen or simply Google video in the first place? I don’t know. But allows unlimited filesize which makes it easier for me to upload.

Until now I have managed to upload the following games to the Veoh Jones Cup channel:

Australia vs. Taiwan 1st half
Egypt vs. Korea 1st quarter
AIA vs. Australia 1st half

The full game of AIA vs. Taiwan is still uploading at this moment. I hope everything turns out fine.

PS: Obviously I recorded more games than those on the channel, but uploading takes tons of time and I have a day job. Sorry again.