Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jones Cup video update

Here’s a big sorry for fans and readers who’ve been waiting for Jones Cup videos. A reader emailed and told me that has been blocked in Malaysia, which I didn’t know. Also some of the uploads to did not go well. The site did not validate some of the uploaded videos. That’s why they are still “being processed.”

Maybe I should’ve chosen or simply Google video in the first place? I don’t know. But allows unlimited filesize which makes it easier for me to upload.

Until now I have managed to upload the following games to the Veoh Jones Cup channel:

Australia vs. Taiwan 1st half
Egypt vs. Korea 1st quarter
AIA vs. Australia 1st half

The full game of AIA vs. Taiwan is still uploading at this moment. I hope everything turns out fine.

PS: Obviously I recorded more games than those on the channel, but uploading takes tons of time and I have a day job. Sorry again.


  1. This is Hazem from Jordan.

    May I kindly request you to send me some clips by email?

    VOAH site is working the Middle East as well.

    my email is :

    Thank you

  2. Hi Hazem,

    Please read my latest reply

  3. Hi Chris,
    This is Doug Creighton from Pure Youth Team. I was wondering how you put these videos online like that. My parents and friends have been asking for some games and its to slow to use the HiNet HiChannel. If you could tell me how its done I would really appreciate that.