Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A not-so-exciting SBL local draft

No.1 pick Chen Kuo-wei and BOT head coach Lai.


As what it was like in its first edition last year, the 2008 SBL local player draft concluded without much fanfare and attention from the media as 19 players were picked up on July 1.

As expected, Chen Kuo-wei was selected with the first overall pick by Bank of Taiwan, who hopes Chen's wide body (139kg) will boost its rebounding and interior defense.

Keep in my mind that this is not the NBA Draft. Even the first round draftees are not guaranteed with contracts. And many of them will not be able to play in the league in one or two years because of the agreement between the CTBA and the university sports federation. (See previous story)

That said, you will not see a post draft analysis here. And I wonder how many of these players will be on next season's team rosters.

Nineteen of 56 eligible applicants were selected in the draft.

Round 1
BOT: Chen Kuo-wei, 190cm
TM: Chung Hsiu-nai, 194cm
Dacin: Wu Hung-hsing, 199cm
PY: Chang Chih-wei
dmedia: Chang Jun-wei
TB: Su Po-chang
Yulon: Lin Chieh-min

Round 2
BOT: Chen Pan-tse
TM: Chu Chen-wei
Dacin: Chen Yu-chih
PY: Hsieh Po-yao
dmedia: Lai Hua-pin
TB: Pan Chia-hui
Yulon: Pan Kuan-han

Round 3
BOT: none
TM: none
Dacin: none
PY: Ke Chi-hao
dmedia: Peng Chien-yu
TB: none
Yulon: Hsu Wei-lun

Round 4
BOT: none
TM: none
Dacin: none
PY: none
dmedia: Lo Chien-wei
TB: none
Yulon: Chen Wei-yu



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(Photo source: ESPN Taiwan)