Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day 4: Three teams tied for first place at 3-1

AIA 103-65 Korea (53-32)

AIA didn't give Koreans a chance, pounding them on the boards 44-21 and pick their pockets 16 times in the game.

AIA: Brett Winkelman 20p+5rb+3a, Marcus Kitts 17p+8rb+3blks, Stephen McDowell 11p, Laval Lucas-Perry 10p, Jamel McLean 10p+8rb+4s, Da'Sean Butler 8p+7rb+4a+3s
KOR: Heo Il-young 18p, Kim Kang-sun 10p

Australia 75-68 Egypt (30-37)

AUS: Cody Ellis 18p+8rb, Shane Harris 10p, M. Dellavedova 10p, J. Page 12p, Brock Motun 8p+6rb
EGY: Rami Gunady 24p, Wael Badr 13p+7rb, T. El-Gannam 12p+8rb

Qatar 78-69 Kazakhstan

Qatar limited Kazakhstan to nine points in the 4th quarter in the come-from-behind win. Kazakhstan was not able to compete with Qatar inside. Rustam Yargaliyev had one of his best games in the Jones Cup with 26 points but Anton Ponomarev was disappointing so far in the tournament, mostly launching shots from the perimeter.

QAT: Saad Abdulrahman Ali 16p, Daoud Mousa 15p+6rb+9a, E.A. Saeed 13p+9rb, Hashim Zaidan 10p+8rb, Baker Ahmad Mohammed 13p+8rb
KAZ: Rustam Yargaliyev 26p+9rb, Seva Fadeikin 19p, Anton Ponomarev 10p+4rb

Jordan 87-73 Taiwan (41-37)

Taiwan NT made eight threes in the first half, including 7 for 14 in the second quarter, and trailed by only four at the half, 41-37. Things were looking good until Jordan opened the second half with 13 unanswered points and turned an exciting game into a rout.

Taiwan scored only THREE points, all on free throws, in the third quarter. Think about that. All of a sudden Jordan led by more than 20 points and the rest of the game was garbage time.

JOR: Jamal Abu Shmala 18p, Wesam Al-Sous 13p, Islam Abbas 12p+10rb, Zaid Abbaas 8p+9rb+4a
TW: Chen Tzu-wei 19p, Yang Che-yi 10p

1. Athletes in Action 3-1
1. Jordan NT 3-1
1. Qatar NT 3-1
4. Kazakhstan NT 2-2
4. Egypt NT 2-2
4. Australia U-19 2-2
7. Taiwan NT 1-3
8. Korea Univ. Selects 0-4