Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rumor: TB head coach threatens Dacin player

You know, one of the great things about observing the SBL is that, more than once in a while, some strange and weird things or things beyond your wildest imagination happen.

And this is one of those days.

Word came out that Taiwan Beer head coach Yen Chia-hua, who has been long known for his on-court temperament, threatened Dacin forward Lin Yi-hui during Game 3 of the SBL Finals.

A number of local newspapers reported that Yen was heard yelling at Lin, "If you keep throwing cheap shots (at TB star forward Lin Chih-chieh), I'll have someone to break your leg." Yen later shrugged off the rumor and insisted that the remark was rather an intimidation and joke than an actual threat.

Yen countered that "people threatened Lin Chih-chieh before" and his in-game remark to Dacin staff "was just a joke because people always said things like that on the basketball court."

However, he did retract his earlier comment, which he made after Game 3 alleging that three FIBA referees favoring Dacin in the game and did not rule out boycotting the remainder of the SBL Finals. The controversial coach was no stranger to chaotic scenes. He kicked a referee after a game around a year ago and threatened to boycott SBL games as well as pulling TB out of the league.

The most strange thing was that Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Company (TTL), TB's mother company, actually supported Yen's boycott threat.