Saturday, March 28, 2009

Song-shan HS basketball team documentary

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This is a 15-minute short documentary about Song-shan High School basketball team made by NIKE Taiwan during -- I guess -- the 2007 season.

As Song-shan HS won its first HBL title in school history last week, it was special at this moment to take a look back at the film that documented the lowest point of its basketball program.

Long known as a basketball powerhouse in Taiwan men's high school basketball circle, Song-shan HS was out of the final eight in 2006. The poor finish and the HBL game format made the 2006 Song-shan HS team the second squad in school history that had to start its season in the qualification round.

The team finished for 5th-place that year, the same placing as in 2008. And you know the rest of the story. Song-shan, the school that had to play the qualifying round in 2007, was finally on the top of the HBL.