Thursday, January 13, 2011

Defending champ Song-shan marches into semifinal round

[Picture: Hu Lung-mao, Song-shan HS]

Two-time defending champion Song-shan HS advanced to the semifinal round after defeating Nan-shan HS in the last game of the quarterfinal round to finish No. 1 with a 6-1 record.

Center-forward Hu Lung-mao had 22 points, 12 rebounds, 4 steals and 3 blocks and guard Chien Chao-yi added 12 points in the 65-59 win on Jan. 9.

Song-shan HS is scheduled to meet the No. 4 seed San-min HS in the semifinal, which will be played Feb. 26, while No. 2 seed Nan-shan HS will take on third-seeded Nen-ren HS, which has lost in the HBL finals to Song-shan HS in the last two years, in the other semi match.

Song-shan beat San-min in the quarterfinal round as Hu scored 42 points. The matchup of Hu and San-min center Shih Yen-tsung will be a sight to watch in the semi. Nan-shan beat Nen-ren 79-64 in the round robin quarterfinal.

Men's quarterfinal standing:
1.    Song-shan HS 6-1
2.    Nan-shan HS 5-2
3.    Nen-ren HS 4-3
4.    San-min HS 4-3
5.    Tai-shan HS 4-3
6.    Nan-hu HS 3-4
7.    Hsin-jung HS 2-5
8.    Youth HS 0-7

In the women's group, top seed Hai-shan HS will meet Jin-ou HS in the semifinal while defending champion Tamsui HS, the No. 2 seed, will meet Hu-jian HS in the other match.

Women's quarterfinal standing:
1.    Hai-shan HS 7-0
2.    Tamsui HS 6-1
3.    Hu-jian HS 5-2
4.    Jin-ou HS 4-3
5.    Nan-hu HS 3-4
6.    Taipei First Girls' HS 2-5
7.    Pu Men HS 1-6
8.    An-le HS 0-7

Chien Chao-yi, Song-shan HS

Wang Tai-chieh, Tai-shan HS


Chen Ying-chun, Nen-ren HS

(Photos: HBL)