Saturday, January 08, 2011

Jones powers TB to 5-0 start


Emmanuel Jones scored 29 points and pulled down 9 rebounds to lead Taiwan Beer to a franchise-record 5-0 winning streak after a 82-65 win over PY.

In other games, Marcus Dove exploded for 39 points but it was not enough to bring a win for Taiwan Mobile, which has dropped to 1-4 despite losing a couple of games by small margins.

KKL finally brought back Shawn Hawkins, who immediately led the team to its first win of the season by a 16-points, 16-rebounds effort in a win over TM.

Jan. 5
Dacin 67-52 BOT
Dacin: Lin Yi-hui 14p, Chang Chih-feng 12p, Keith Gayden 10p+14rb
BOT: J. Faulknor 15p+21rb, Chen Shun-hsiang 14p

KKL 76-72 TM
KKL: S. Hawkins 16p+16rb, Chen Ching-hwan 21p
TM: M. Dove 39p+16rb+6blocks

Jan. 7
BOT 64-53 Yulon
BOT: J. Faulknor 14p+15rb, Chen Shun-hsiang 20p+9rb
Yulon: Tseng Wen-ting 20p+15rb+7blocks

TB 82-65 PY
TB: E. Jones 29p+9rb, Wu Tai-hao 12p+9rb
PY: R. Jones-Jennings 21p+18rb, James Mao 17p+7rb

TB 5-0
PY 3-2
Yulon 3-2
Dacin 2-2
BOT 2-3
TM 1-4
KKL 1-4

R. Jones-Jennings (L) vs. Wu Tai-hao

Hsu Chih-chiang, BOT

(Photos: ESPN Taiwan)