Monday, January 24, 2011

Yulon drops to below .500

[Picture: Yulon's Lu Cheng-ju shoots over TB's Yang Ching-min]

-- Yang Ching-min and Emmanuel Jones scored 23 points in the third quarter and led Taiwan Beer to a 93-78 rout of Yulon and a franchise-record seven-game winning streak. TB's Wu Tai-hao, Wu Min-hsien sat out the game serving the one-game suspension.

-- I couldn't remember the last time Yulon dropped to below .500 this late in the season. Maybe this is the first time. The team did have its legitimate excuse to be this bad because it had lost 60 percent of its starting roster in two years after losing Chen Hsin-an, Lee Hsueh-lin and Tseng Wen-ting to the Chinese league CBA. However, the bad coaching job of the head coach Zhang Xuelei has also contributed a lot to its demise.

-- Local media reported that Yulon, the only SBL team without an import, has finally decided to bring in imports. Jermaine Dailey (200cm) from University of Illinois-Chicago and Jason McCoy (206cm) from Wisconsin-Milwaukee are scheduled to fly in this week for testing.

-- As to why PY import Rashad Jones-Jennings had been wearing his jersey with the last name of WANG, my friend Ben Metcalf, who currently works for Pure Youth as its technical advisor (and scout plus some assistant coach maybe?) said in an email that Jones-Jennings "has Wang on the back of his jersey because Jones-Jennings wouldn't fit. The neighborhood he grew up in was called Wang, so his nickname has always been Wang."

Jan. 23
TB 93-78 Yulon
TB: Yang Ching-min 22p, E. Jones 21p+13rb
Yulon: Lu Cheng-ju 23p, Wu Feng-cheng 15p+7rb

Dacin 76-64 BOT
Dacin: A. Foyle 19p+10rb, Tien Lei 16p
BOT: Chen Shun-hsiang 22p, J. Vaudreuil 17p+6rb

TM 84-78 PY
TM: M. Dove 25p+10rb+6blk, Liu Sheng-yao 18, Su Yi-chieh 12p
PY: James Mao 19, Chien Chia-hung 14p+13rb, Chang Yu-lin 14p

TB 12-1
PY 9-4
Dacin 6-5
Yulon 6-7
BOT 4-8
TM 3-9
KKL 3-9

John Vaudreuil, BOT

Emmanuel Jones, TB

Marecus Dove, TM

(Photos: ESPN Taiwan)