Friday, July 09, 2010

Taiwan NT 15-man roster for 2010 Jones Cup

CTBA announced a watered-down 15-man roster of Taiwan NT last week for the upcoming 2010 Jones Cup tournament with almost all the core Taiwanese players sitting out the tourney due to injuries.

Tien Lei, Lin Chih-chieh, Tseng Wen-ting, Wu Tai-hao and Chang Chih-feng will all skip the tournament so they can be in better condition for the Asian Games in Guangzhou, China, according to the CTBA.

Jet Chang, who is playing in the U.S. NCAA Div-II BYU-Hawaii, and Wu Chien-lung were added to the roster to boost up the lineup.

Led by head coach Zhang Xuelei, Taiwan NT started its training camp for the Jones Cup on July 5.

CTBA also said it will field a team for the Stankovic Cup, which will be held in Lebanon from Aug. 7-15, because the tourney will be a qualifying tournament for the Asian Championship next year. Top five teams will secure berths without going through regional qualifiers to qualify for the Asian Championship.

Po., Name, Ht., Age
G Lee Hsueh-lin, Yulon, 175cm, 26
G Su Yi-chieh, Dacin, 181cm, 22
G Yang Ching-min, TB, 188cm, 25
G Hong Chih-shan, Pure Youth, 176cm, 24
G Chen Ching-hwan, KKL, 190cm, 24
G Chen Shun-hsiang, BOT, 190cm, 25
G Jet Chang, BYU Hawaii, 190cm, 21
F Lin Yi-hui, Dacin, 193cm, 24
F Wu Fong-cheng, Yulon, 195cm, 23
F Chien Chia-hong, Pure Youth, 196cm, 22
F James Mao, Pure Youth, 196cm, 27
F Lu Cheng-ju, Yulon, 192cm, 23
F Cheng jen-wei, KKL, 194cm, 23
F Chen Tse-wei, Dacin, 200cm, 24
F Wu Chien-lung, Pure Youth, 21