Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where SBL games are played


Before a new stadium that can house more than 5,000 is built in downtown Taipei city, it looks like the SBL games will have to be played -- like they have in the past season -- at Sinjhuang Stadium in Sinjhuang City, Taipei County, located on the outskirt of Taipei.

Most people think that a downtown arena is desperately needed to boost SBL attendance and, at the same time, make it convenient for fans to go to the games.

Anyway, before that happens, anyone interested in watching SBL games live will have to visit this venue -- Sinjhuang Stadium.

See below the screen shots of the Google Maps. The stadium is located in a sports park, which also has a baseball park, a outdoor stadium for track and field events and outdoor tennis courts.



For direction and transportation information, please visit this link. The contents are all in mandarin but I don’t have time to translate them.