Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jones Cup - pre-tournament notes

-- Japan center Kosuke Takeuchi (205cm) withdrew from the team and as replaced by Kosuke Kanamaru (190cm, 1989, Meiji University), the leading scorer in the World University Games in Belgrade, which just concluded earlier this month.

-- Three Kazakhstan players will miss the Jones Cup due to injury, including star forward Anton Ponomarev, Yegor Biryulin and Alexandr Zhigulin.

-- Taiwan NT and Taiwan Second NT both made yet another roster changes. Dacin's SBL MVP Chang Chih-feng returned from injury and replaced Chou Shih-yuan, who left Taiwan NT after his father was killed in an accident.

As for the second NT, KKL forward Cheng Jen-wei and Taiwan Beer forward Wang Chien-wei replaced a pair of Taiwan Mobile players Yen Cheng-hong and Hsu Wei-sheng.

Final roster:

2009 Jones Cup Taiwan NT roster:

Po., Name, Ht., Age
G Lee Hsueh-lin, Yulon, 175cm, 25
G Su Yi-chieh, Dacin, 181cm, 22
G Chang Chih-feng, Dacin, 183cm, 28
G Yang Ching-min, TB, 188cm, 25
G Wu Yong-jen, Taiwan Mobile, 177cm, 26
F Chen Tse-wei, Dacin, 200cm, 24
F Tsai Wen-cheng, PY, 188cm, 24
F Lin Yi-hui, Dacin, 193cm, 23
F Yang Che-yi, Yulon, 193cm, 31
F Hsu Chih-chan, 194cm, 27
F Lee Fong-yong, Dacin, 197cm, 28
F Wu Chien-lung, Pure Youth, 193cm, 20

Head coach: Chung Kwang-suk
Assistants: Chou Jun-san, Hsu Ching-tse

2009 Jones Cup Taiwan 2nd NT (Team Kwanghua) roster:

Chang Tsung-hsien (Jet Chang), BYU-Hawaii, 190cm
Lo Yu-chun, Dacin, 185cm
Hong Chih-shan, Pure Youth, 176cm
Lin Chieh-min, Yulon, 185cm
Chen Yi-an, Dacin, 195cm
Chen Shun-hsiang, BOT, 188cm
Lin Ching-pang, Pure Youth, 190cm
Lu Cheng-ju, Yulon, 192cm
Tsai Jun-min, Dacin, 197cm
Lin Hwan-chao, Yulon, 202cm
Cheng Jen-wei, KKL, 192cm
Wang Chien-wei, TB, 190cm

Head coach: Chiu Da-tsun
Assistants: Huang Wan-long, Hsu Chih-chao