Friday, July 24, 2009

Jordan boycotts game for unfair call



It started from the post game press conference on July 22nd. Iranian head coach Veselin Matic told reporters that Qatar, Lebanon and Jordan benefitted from "naturalizing American imports."

"The Asian Championship is a tournament that belongs to Asian players. But some countries have been naturalizing American imports to make their team stronger. The championship looks more like a pro game right now. Among them are Lebanon, Jordan and Qatar, " local media quoted Matic, who added that Qatar is the worse case that it barely has any local player on roster.

Iranian players are all native players, Matic said.

Asked by media about the issue, Jordan head coach Mario Palma was visibly angry. He said that Matic should focus on how to make Iran a better team instead of making false accusation on the import issue. Not all Iranian players are native, he said.

Then came the Iran-Jordan game last night.

Less than three minutes entering the game, 7-2 Iranian center Hamed Hadadi elbowed Zaid Abbas after pulling down a rebound. Abbas swung back and walked away. Hadadi charged forward, choking and pushing Abbas.

Jordanian guard Osama Daghles ran onto the court and punched Hadadai before a bench-clearing confrontation.

Taiwanese referee Chen Chuan-jen ruled that Hadadi and Abbas would be ejected as well as all players who left the bench area, which would have left both team with four players each.

However, Korean referee Kim Young-woo insisted that it was only an unsportsmanlike foul and overruled Chen. Kim decided that it would be four technical fouls for Hadadi, Abbas and bench of both teams.

The call pissed off Mario Palma, who told Kim that if Hadadi stayed in the game, Jordan would not resume play. Kim rejected the request and Palma ordered his player leave the court in a boycott.

The official score of the game was Iran 20, Jordan zero.


Note: Oh, I almost forgot. Kobe Bryant was in Taipei for a NIKE tour last night. Pics:



(Photos: Apple Daily, Liberty Times, CNA)


  1. Hi Chris, i wish you are well.
    Some comments.
    First, if Jordan and Lebanon players are local, then i am the Queen of England. What is happening is ridiculous. Lebanon's team has 2 star players that are not from Lebanon. Take them out and Taiwan will beat them. End of the story. Same for Jordan. Mr Palma is trying to defend the indefensible. He should just stay quiet.
    On another note, Taiwan's coach and the whole stuff should be blamed for letting the national team be humiliated by Jordan. After the first 5 minutes or so, he let the team naked under the basket with only one player 2m tall (but incidentally this player is really weak. He is the Dacin player who looks like a sweet boy but has the strength of a woman. Sorry for that if it sounds harsh.) Why these fools let Taiwan become the laughing stock of the tournament? It is time to find a real coach, maybe an American who can teach the team sth different.
    Finally, i do not know if you agree, but the refereeing is appaling. They always call travelling violations and mess things up in calling fouls. Horrific, in my opinion.
    Take care and thanks for the frequent updates!

  2. The two Lebanese players that you mentionned are from Lebanese origins. They just happened to be born outdide Lebanon. 2 million and a half Lebanese live in Lebanon, on the other hand 10 million Lebanese live in other countries specially USA, Brezil, Canada, Australia......They didn't choose to immigrate but they had to because of the multiple wars in our region!

  3. Mr. Vroman and the other one do not even look like Lebanese.