Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jones Cup - women's competition news

-- Taiwan women's NT point guard Ma Yi-hung injured her right ankle and is expected to miss the opening game today against Malaysia.

Losing Ma is devastating. Taiwan NT is now down to only one PG -- Chen Yi-feng -- and nine players after losing Chu Yung-hsuan and 15-year-old Lin Yu-ting also to injury.

Taiwan NT head coach Hung Ling-yao, who is coaching WUG squad in Serbia now, has requested to replace injured players with three players -- Huang Fan-shan, Lee Wan-ting and Chen Yu-chun -- from the WUG team.

-- Speaking of which, Taiwan WUG team beat Slovakia 79-76 in double overtime and finished for 7th place with four wins and three losses.

Taiwan is the only Asian team in the quarterfinal as Japan and China ranked 9th and 10th respectively. However, this is the worst finish for Taiwan in the last four WUGs. It was 5th, 5th and 4th in the previous three World University Games.

-- The Japan NT is not the REAL national team. There are only six current NT members on the squad. However, never underestimate the Japanese. Japan has always been a quick, sharp-shooting and hard-working team.

-- Korea is represented by two-time WKBL champion Shinhan Bank. It's regarded the team to beat in the four-team tournament.

Keep your eyes on Chun Joo-weon and Jung Sun-min, the veterans both played in the WNBA and had more than a dozen years of international competition experience for Korea.

Also pay attention to 202cm center Ha Eun-joo, elder sister of former NBA center Ha Seung-jin (221cm).